Friday, February 17, 2012

Bistro News February 17, 2012

Greetings from the Bistro!
As has become my habit I write this after walking Niki and Pico. I live on a dirt road and have a filthy car to prove it. And today, a couple of muddy doggies too. It is hard to believe that it’s the middle of February and almost forty degrees before noon. I think, on this walk, about what was noteworthy over the last week. We had a great Valentine’s celebration. I love holidays. Everyone is in a celebratory mood and generally happy-go-lucky.  I particularilly love working these special days and wish that each and everyone of us would allow ourselves to declare everyday as exceptional. How much easier life would be.  Many of you may remember the older woman, Marion Simpler, who would eat dinner with us every night in our “former bistro.” Marion had a saying that she started her day with: “It’s a million dollar day.” How very smart of her – she set herself up to have a spectacular day.  Now, part of my morning routine includes repeating her mantra and a byproduct of the positive reminder brings a smile to my face as I remember sweet Marion.
Another woman I greatly admire is Margaret Davey, the executive director of the Western Oakland Meals on Wheels Program (MOW). She and her staff coordinate the preparation and delivery of  meals for in-need seniors. MOW was recently awarded a grant to start a new pet distribution program designed to assist homebound MOW participants with food for their pets. According to research reported in the Journal of American Geriatrics Society independently living seniors with pets have better physical and mental health. Because of economic or health reasons some seniors are unable to feed their animals. So, the Northville PetSmart, the Banfield Pet Hospital and now, officially, Diamond Jim Brady’s Bistro, are drop-off sites for pet food contributions. There will be a container inside the front lobby to place your cans or bags of food. I will make sure that they get to Margaret and she’ll get them to those in need. Help us look good – let’s get the lobby full! 
I know that I’d be lost without my pups. And, they certainly make everyday a million dollar one.
See you at the Bistro with pet chow in hand. XXOO, Mary

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